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Titanic FX Prosthetic Gelatin - Muscle Colour (1KG)

Titanic FX

  • £40.00

Gelatin is an ideal medium for any Makeup Artist for gaining invaluable understanding and technical skills for working with 3D prosthetic media. Gelatin nuggets are also reusable and of food/medical grade.

Titanic FX have developed an expert grade quality of Gelatin, specifically designed to mimic the colour and texture of human skin, flesh and blood.

This Gelatin is made to replicate Muscle in both colour and translucency.


  • Titanic FX Gelatin Nuggets can either be cut up into smaller amounts or heated as a whole. Note that cutting up will lessen the heating time. 
  • Heat in a double boiler (such as a waxing pot) or place in a microwave. 
  • Be sure to stir well and often to avoid boiling the product. 
  • Note: Boiling gelatin will weaken the structure of the product. 
  • Once the Gelatin has melted into a liquid, pour into your (pre-released) mould and allow to cool.
  • You can also place your mould into a fridge to speed up the cooling process.

 (TRADE PRICES AVAILABLE for Production and Retailer orders - Please email for more information)


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