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Out-of-the-Kit SFX Makeup - Starter Kit

Titanic FX

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We've put together the fundamentals of what you will need starting out to create your very own super realistic SFX wounds. These are the must have products as used by Stuart Bray in our Out-of-the-Kit SFX Makeup Course at Titanic Creative.

This kit includes:

  • Gel 10 Silicone (1kg)
  • Thixo (50g)
  • Deadener / Softener (500g)
  • Silicone Pigment (Flesh)
  • Flocking Variety Pack
  • Rob Smith Silicone Flow Blood in Original (40g)
  • Dashbo - Ultimate Skintone Palette or Facetime Palette (availability depending)
  • Wooden Mixing Sticks (Pack of 100)

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